Were You Injured in a Slip & Fall Accident?

If you or a loved one have been injured at someone else’s home or business, you might have the right to sue the owner under Premises Liability. If you can’t work because of an injury or you have to take care of an injured child or family member, you have a right to be paid for lost revenue and the cost of care.

At Tandy Law Firm, we work hard to find out who is at fault for your injury and how much you’re owed. We have handled hundreds of cases in Indiana before, and we can bring the legal insights necessary to help prove who was at fault, whether it was a homeowner, store owner, landlord or another party.

Some reasons a property owner could be liable include:

  • A lack of warning signs
  • Failure to reasonably maintain premises
  • Failure to take care of known hazards

Regardless of whether you fell and fractured your hip, twisted an ankle, broke your wrist, or injured your shoulder, you deserve the best results law can give you. At Tandy Law firm, you’ll be working directly with a personal injury attorney who cares about you and your future.

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You know you should stay at the scene of the accident, but what else should be done at the time of the crash and in the days and weeks following?

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