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Due to their large size, trucks can cause devastating crashes and leave victims with lifelong injuries and health problems. At Tandy Law Firm, we understand the need for an aggressive pursuit of justice to make sure that victims and their families are able to receive the compensation that they deserve.

We care about improving your well-being and helping you get back on your feet, both physically and financially. If you have been injured in a trucking crash, you can rely on us to provide you with the legal expertise you need to move forward on the road to recovery.

In these cases, it is important to determine who is at fault. There are a number of factors that come into play in truck crashes and one or more of the following parties may be at fault:

  • The truck driver – If the truck driver was driving recklessly, under the influence or disobeying the federal trucking guidelines, they can be held liable for your injuries.
  • The cargo loader – Trucks that carry cargo are prone to jackknifing and flips, especially if the load has not been properly secured.
  • The manufacturer – Faulty brakes, steering or axles could lead to devastating crashes. Manufacturers can be held accountable for defective parts.
  • The leaser – If the vehicle was being leased from a company that failed to keep up with vehicle maintenance, they need to be held accountable.

You can be confident in our ability to hold any of these entities, and any other parties, legally responsible for your pain and injury.


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Each case is unique, and each individual’s injuries and situation will vary from the next. This is why it is absolutely vital that you seek personalized, skilled legal assistance to help suit your specific needs. Tandy Law Firm can provide you with expert and tailored legal guidance. When you work with our firm, we will take the time to fully understand you and your situation in order to determine the best possible legal route.

You should never feel that you are alone in facing insurance companies and at-fault parties. When you work together with Tandy Law Firm, you will never have to go it alone. You deserve to work with a trusted lawyer who cares about your future.

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