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Tough Defense—We Take It Personally

Criminal Defense Solutions, Not Surprises

When your future is on the line, you need an attorney who is both dedicated and capable of fighting for your rights. Every client is innocent until proven guilty and we will fight to make sure you are treated as such. With a decade of experience and hundreds of cases, our criminal defense attorneys have the skill and passion to represent you in minor misdemeanor charges to serious criminal cases.

Severe Penalties Require Serious Defense

All it takes is one little mistake or a police officer who is having a bad day , and you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law. It can be too easy to receive a criminal charge, but much more difficult to clear your name. At Tandy Law Firm, you’ll get a hard-hitting defense attorney who will use every tool available to fight for the best possible outcome for you.

Facing a Drug Crime Charge?

Depending on the type of drug, a simple possession charge can be classified as a Level 5 felony charge, punishable by one to six years in prison, plus a $10,000 fine. The penalties could be aggravated further if you possess a few grams of a Schedule I or II drug near a school.

What does this mean?

That you’ll need an aggressive and highly skilled attorney on your side to fight for your rights and best interests. In a free case evaluation, we’ll explain your charges and your options and walk you through the process for fighting drug charges.

Review Your Case with Matt Tandy

Personalized Legal Solutions

Using a hands-on approach, we deliver a personalized experience based on your needs and desired outcomes. Your case won’t be handed off to an assistant.  Your defense attorney will directly handle every aspect of your case and remain in close communication with you, providing honest, expert advice on all of your options along the way.

Tandy Law — Your Aggressive Criminal Defense Law Firm

No matter how complicated your charges are, with the right criminal defense attorney, you could see these charges reduced, or even dismissed. We are prepared to go over every detail of your case to determine whether or not the arrest itself was lawful, whether there was an unreasonable search and seizure and whether any other rights were violated. At Tandy Law Firm, we are ready to put nearly a decade of proven experience to work on your defense. Discover what your options are today!