Do I Really Need a Lawyer for My Car Crash?

Many people ask why they shouldn’t just handle their own car crash settlement. More and more insurance companies advertise that they will settle your claim quickly even creating apps to “help you” settle your claim as quickly as possible and offering to put a check in your hand. So why shouldn’t you do this and why does the insurance company want you to settle so quickly? The insurance company would be more than happy to settle your case out before you figure out if you have really been injured.

Immediately after you are involved in a car crash your adrenaline is pumping and you may not even realize that you have even been injured at all. Over the next few days you may feel a general feeling of achiness and may hurt all over. You may chalk it up to just being “sore” and think it is “no big deal”. It is at this time that the insurance companies may try to get you to settle your case. They offer a few hundred dollars which may be tempting, but what if you don’t start to feel better as soon as you thought you would? What if that headache doesn’t go away? What if your back doesn’t get better? If you have already accepted settlement of your case you are on your own to pay for any further medical care. The insurance company will not re-open negotiations once you sign the release or cash the check.

So do you really need a lawyer for your car crash? Yes. A good injury lawyer will help you fully evaluate your claim and will take the time to gather all of your medical treatment records and bills. Next a lawyer will negotiate the full value of your claim with the insurance company. Finally, your attorney may need to file suit and fight for your rights in the courtroom. This process may take a little longer than taking the “quick money” from the insurance company, but will usually give you a better result.

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